“Since the start of the latest recruitment drive, we have been quite busy. With the purchase of the new bakery in Carver, we have been actively scouring to find a Head Baker who can not only continue some of the local favorites, but bring new flair to the business. They must also be comfortable working with some of our individuals in employment and with basic managerial duties of maintaining a functioning (and profitable) bakery. It’s no small task but very exciting to be involved in.

At Employment, we are currently seeking to recruit a handful of new job coaches to better service our individuals. In addition to that, we are also looking to bring on a Vocational Assistant to help develop curriculum and lead classes for the Archways program.

Shared Living is also looking to add an additional 20 hours of Community Connection to fully and better service all those that receive Community Connection and Individual Supports. The addition of Alyson Cuttle in December is one of the high notes of this recruitment drive, as she has been a great help to the department already.

Finally, we are always looking to expand our list of both Home Care Providers and Respite Care worker for both the AFC and Shared Living departments.

If you know anyone who may be interested in any of these positions, or who would just like more information regarding any opening, please have them contact Peter Finnegan at (508) 732-9292 x105 or at peterf@thearcofgp.org