Pathways Autism Services’ are designed to enhance learning through the use of Strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis such as Discrete Trial Training, Behavioral Momentum and the use of tools such as story boards, along with Positive Behavior Support Universal Strategies that include recognition and modification of setting events, environmental design, choice opportunities, communication, and the use of instructional strategies that including shaping, prompting and reinforcement.

Along with instruction of functional life skills this program will continue to work with targeted participants on the enhancement of functional academics, verbal behavior, vocational skills and relationship building using person centered instructional methods.  Challenges with Executive Functioning, which plays a significant role in the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, will be a focus of attention using 1:1 or small group instruction and community based incidental instruction.

Comprehensive assessments will be completed by qualified staff for the development of behavioral support and skill acquisition strategies.  It is recognized that monitoring progress plays a key role in the success of any program.  Treatment integrity checks, data collection and assessment probes will be completed regularly to ensure that treatment is successful towards  the goal of enhancing quality of life and independence for these young adults.