IMG_0272Kyle Burns is a 30 year old gentleman with autism in our Supported Employment Program, Archways Enterprises. Kyle is unique in many ways but what is most inspiring is that he was a published author and illustrator at the age of 23.

Kyle attended the League School of Greater Boston, a special needs school for students with autism spectrum disorders where he developed an interest in story writing. He has many talents including drawing and writing and has always had a vivid imagination so a Story Teller was born!

Following his graduation from the League School he headed off to Cape Cod Community College attending Project Forward, a vocational training program where he majored in Mass Communications. He has also taken a mainstream creative writing course to work on his writing skills.

His published book is called “Emily of Oz” which is a modern adaptation of the Wizard of Oz. Kyle put his own “spin” on it including replacing the ruby slippers with red sequined crocs and Toto became a Jack Russell Terrier not a Scotch Terrier. Kyle has also written modern adaptations of Jack in the Beanstalk and Alice in Wonderland.

Kyle also enjoys listening to music, especially the “oldies” from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and is an expert on Beatle memorabilia and facts!

Kyle lives in Plymouth and has a studio apartment in his parents home. He also works at Kohl’s Department store in Plymouth and has volunteered at the Library and a senior assisted living facility. He also served on an Advisory Board in Plymouth on a project to curb underage alcohol use. He enjoys spending time with his family including his sister Erin and her husband Chris and his niece and nephew.

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