The Arc of Greater Plymouth’s Human Rights Committee

The purpose of the Human Rights Committee is to assist the staff in affirming, promoting and protecting the human and civil rights of the individuals we support. This is accomplished by monitoring and reviewing the agency’s activities with regard to the individuals’ human and civil rights, consistent with Department of Developmental Services regulations.

The Committee if a group of volunteers working in conjunction with the agency’s Human Rights Coordinator. They meet every other month to review relevant issues, bringing their unique perspective on behalf of people we support. If you are interested in learning more about the Human Rights Committee, please contact our Human Rights Coordinator, Carmen Peabody at

Priscilla Osborne, Physical Therapist, HRC Chairperson
Patrick Lee, Attorney, HRC Vice-Chairperson
Carmen Peabody, Human Rights Coordinator
Steven Barney, Attorney
Michelle Brait, Parent
Jacqui Draper, Self-Advocate
Susan Draper, Parent
Jill Grady, Registered Nurse
Jennifer Pinto, LMHC/Clinician  
Jill Polvinen, Paralegal

The Arc of Greater Plymouth’s Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council works in partnership with The Arc of Greater Plymouth to provide the family voice and unique perspective to the organization’s programs and development, while supporting the agency’s mission. The Council provides a unique opportunity to strengthen our partnerships with families in the best interest of those we support. The Council is a group of committed family members and loves ones that meet every month at the Arc’s Administrative Office. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Kathy Baldwin at

Sheila McGrath
Patti Toole
Kathaleen Pigeon
Doug Pigeon