adamrsvpaward2Adam Hill is 28 years old and a lifelong resident  of Plymouth. He was educated in Plymouth Schools and is a graduate of The Perkins Institute. He is also a member of the Arc of Mass Board of Directors. Adam has been a member of the Plymouth Toastmasters club for 5 years and has put his public speaking skills to excellent use as a member of The Arc Self Advocates and as a co presenter for The Arc Teacher Grant awards each year.  Adam received the Presidential Service Award this year for his many years of volunteering at the Plymouth Council on Aging. Adams enjoys traveling and loves to swim.  His family is supportive and he is very grateful for that. Adam is a charismactic, engaging person, with a near perfect recall for names and faces. Adam has said “If I wasn’t disabled I would have become a police officer.” The Board of Directors is enriched by his participation. Perhaps there is a PR role with our Plymouth Police Department in his future.