Board of Directors

Executive Director

Mary -2Mary C. Valachovic

Board of Directors


Chairperson- Steve Costello

Vice-Chair-Patricia Cosgrove

Treasurer- Jim Wallace

Board Members:

Adam Hill

Joseph Gomes

Gaetano Deluca

Jake Jacobs

Mary Beth Vargus

Steve Barney

Gloria Foley

Arc Human Rights Committee

Kate Brewer, Parent, HRC Chairperson

Kathy Baldwin, LCSW, Human Rights Coordinator

Steven Barney, Attorney

Michelle Brait, Parent

Elizabeth Losee, Family Member

Jacqui Draper, Self-Advocate

Susan Draper, Parent

Jill Grady, Registered Nurse

Heidi Hall, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Patrick Lee, Attorney

Priscilla Osborne, Physical Therapist/Advocate

Jennifer Pinto, LMHC/Clinician

Jill Polvinen, Paralegal

The Family Advisory Council

Sheila McGrath

Patti Toole

Kathaleen Pigeon

Doug Pigeon